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All Texaa products are covered in an envelope of Aeria* available in a range of 24 colours. The knit fabric used, Aeria, provides flexibility and softness. Texaa® products can therefore be integrated into a wide range of environments: offices, conference centres, schools, libraries, cinemas, recording studios, restaurants, etc.

“Sound transparent”, Aeria guarantees acoustic performance of all Texaa® products by its combination of effective absorbent materials.


The fibres of which it is constituted are by nature flame-retardant, no production of droplets.


The threads from which the Aeria sound transparent material is made are twisted once then twisted again to produce a higher density product.


Its colour strength over time always remains equal to or greater than 5, on a scale of 0 to 8.
Supple and with great mechanical resistance, it does not fray.

Being fluid repellent gives Aeria an efficient resistance to stains, dust and to ageing, without any change to the porosity of the fabric.

 *The “sound transparent”, Aeria guarantees acoustic performance of all Texaa® products and is   not sold as a textile.


  • Insensitive to water and light.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Resistant to tear and dust.
  • Fluid repellent thus facilitating maintenance.
  • Flame-retardant. Does not produce incandescent drops.

Fire Reaction Classification:

  • Euroclasses (standard EN13823): B-s, d0.
  • France (standard NF P 92-501): M1 no production of droplets.
  • Unaffected by ageing and cleaning.

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