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The legal regulations in Europe demands that buildings are to be located, built, modified or maintained in a way that prevents fires from starting or fire and smoke from spreading while making it possible to rescue people and animals as well as enabling effective firefighting.

It‘s not fire that kills – it‘s smoke! This is why smoke curtains are an important component of current fire protection plans to control smoke gasses, prevent them from spreading and therefore keeping escape and rescue routes clear of smoke. These systems set new standards for creative freedom in building design. Automatic smoke curtains are used especially in strongly frequented buildings.

We use the latest manufacturing technology in the area of sheet metal forming to guarantee top quality and complete stability. Any visible steel plating is powder-coated and therefore given a perfect surface for visible use. The box‘s parts are connected invisibly by spot welding respectively welding studs on the inside of the box.

Smoke PROtec® smoke curtains are exclusively made from high-quality, tear-resistant glass fabrics. Fabric panels are stitched together vertically with tear-resistant stainless steel thread. Fabrics are smoke-proof according to DIN EN 1634-3 and heat-resistant according to DIN EN 12101-1 at 600 degrees Celsius for up to 120 minutes. Mass per unit area for the one-side PU-coated glass fabric is 590 g/m2. It is non-inflammable according to DIN 4102-1, building material class A2.

The smoke curtain Smoke PROtec®‘s system features reach ASB 3 D120 classification and can therefore also be used for personal security (securing escape and rescue routes).

Simon Smoke PROtec systems are tested according to DIN EN 12101-1. Optional use of special side guides helps to avoid small openings and smoke curtain displacement. Fabric is smoke-proof tested according to the test procedures in accordance with DIN EN 1634-3. Long-term function > 1,000 cycles proven successfully.

Technical Data:

Fabric: One-side PU-coated glass fabric 590 g/m2, colour: grey, non-inflammable according to DIN 4102-1, A2, smoke-proof tested according to the test procedures in accordance with DIN EN 1634-3.

Unwind: descending by gravity (gravity fail safe)

Wind up: planet drive, 24 V DC, 3 A with electric load breaking; maximum turning moment 4 Nm, roll shaftintegrated.

Installation: Ceiling or wall mounted with appropriate approved mounting material

Maximum size: width = 30 m, drop length = 6 m

Head Box (W x H): Steel plate 1.2 mm powder-coated, RAL 7035 Single curtain (up to 6 m width)

150 x 180 mm or 180 x 210 mm for drop length > 3 m Multiple curtains (over about 6 m width)

150 x 300 mm or 180 x 360 mm for drop length > 3 m / shafts next to each other

280 x 180 mm or 340 x 210 mm for drop length > 3 m / shafts next to each other

Bottom Bar: Steel plate powder-coated, RAL 7035 with integrated round steel in fabric bag for energy free dropping

Classification: EN 12101-1, ASB 3, D120 (fail-safe)

Fire resistance duration: 2 hours at 600°C (according to DIN EN 12101-1)

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