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Isotek - Foam


Grey BASF Basotect® melamine foam resin. High thermal resistance: -60°C to +150°C. Non drip in case of fire, non toxic fumes, non fiber-
forming. Isotek-Foam has an excellent acoustic absorption, particularly at medium-low frequencies (500 ÷ 1000 Hz). Isotek - Foam may be assembled together with sound-insulation barriers such as lead, EPDM, etc.



Width: 1200/600 mm
Length: 600/1200 mm
Thickness: 30 - 40 - 50 mm, etc.
Any other size may be supplied on request.



Isotek-Foam is a specific specially profiled sound-absorbing product which has excellent absorption properties at medium-low frequencies. Its fire resistant characteristics allow it to be used where special safety features are required, such as factories, theatres, schools, cafeterias, cinemas, discotheques, firing ranges, hotels, auditoriums, multipurpose halls.

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