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Sound Absorption - Texaa

Texaa has over 30 years of experience in a range of high quality acoustic absorbers for professional applications.

Texaa designs and develops panels, screens, stretched fabrics and freestanding or ceiling-hung objects to improve the acoustic comfort of the places in which we live and work.

Texaa products absorb sound and decrease the reverberation time of the spaces in which they are used. Suddenly, speech becomes intelligible and the noisy commotion of a busy workplace becomes a comfortable sound environment in which it is pleasant to live and work.

Texaa acoustic products are made from sound absorbing foam covered in a high-quality sound transparent proprietary fabric knit, Aeria available in a range of 24 colours. All fabrics and products are knitted and assembled near Bordeaux, France.

 “Sound transparent”, Aeria guarantees acoustic performance of all Texaa products by its combination of effective absorbent materials. The fibres of which it is constituted are by nature flame-retardant, no production of droplets. The threads from which the Aeria sound transparent material is made are twisted once then twisted again to produce a higher density product. Being fluid repellent gives Aeria an efficient resistance to stains, dust and to ageing.