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Protect your building from Fire & Smoke

Improve the Acoustical condition of your building

Alternative Wall Cladding Applications

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Protect your building from Fire & Smoke

How to protect the building structure and occupants from fire and smoke. Keep the right precautions and adopt the solutions that will save your property and human lives...

Improve Acoustical condition of a building by using Sound Insulation & Sound Absorption products

Qualified sound proofing solutions that prevent sound movement from one floor to another or from a wall to wall. But if sound problems are within a room sound absorpion solutions will reduce sound eco and will provide the desirable outcome.

Alternative Internal & Externall Wall Cladding Applications

Decorate the internal and external wall of a building and your cubicles and lockers with fancy colors and alternative applications by using HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and High Density Fibre Cement.
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